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About Me

When I began my studio, it was important to me to provide maximum attention for each client and the only way to do that was through small group (semi-private) classes. Most studios make small group, or private lessons, unaffordable. My goal is to make practicing Pilates in the safest, most efficient, fun, and affordable way. I try to keep my costs down, so I can pass along the savings to my clients.

I have been personally practicing Pilates for over 20 years. I began my adventure with Mat Pilates, which I did for years. Then I was introduced to Reformer Pilates and completely fell in love. The support you feel from the carriage and pulley system takes your practice to a whole new level. 

Then, one day, I realized that I could take my love of teaching, I was an English teacher for years, and apply those skills to spreading my love of Pilates. I enjoy sharing the benefits of Pilates, helping my clients achieve their fitness and health goals, and watching people embrace their power by becoming more aware of the connection between their mind and body. 



My mission is to educate and encourage people, in an affordable manner, to be more mindful of their health and fitness through the movements of the body in the practice of Pilates.

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My vision is to see my clients learn the fundamentals of Pilates and then advance to levels where they challenge their balance, build strength, and become more aware of their bodies' movements and functions in the pursuit of affordable health and wellness.

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