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Small Group (Semi-Private) Classes

Regular small group (up to 3 people) class:

This class focuses on core strength through a full body workout. We perform footwork to warm up and then progress through all areas of the body to shape a long, lean, flexible body that improves balance of muscles as well as overall physical balance. This class is performed primarily on the Reformer but also uses the Tower and Mat.

Classes available: Monday- Friday (call/text to book)


Stretch class (up to 3 people):

This class focuses on stretching the body through a variety of laying down, sitting, and standing movements. This class stretches the entire body to help release stress from the week, improve flexibility, and promote the connection between mind and body. The stretch class incorporates the reformer, the tower, and mat work on the floor.

Classes Available: Fridays (call/text to book)

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